Announcements of the Union of Scientists - Sliven

Development of technical and life sciences continues to grow rapidly. It is essential that the dissemination of information related to this development follows the same dynamics. The jornal "Announcements of the Union of Scientists – Sliven" performs precisely this role, providing visible environment for cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge to be used in research and development programs. The journal offers its readers a broad look at all branches of technical, social and health and nature-mathematical sciences. It publishes articles from the widest possible range of authors, both in terms of professional experience and country of origin.

“Announcements of Union of Scientists – Sliven” is devoted to original research articles that present a clear exposition of significant aspects of contemporary science. Primary emphasis is placed on high quality works that has neither appeared in, nor are under review by other journals. It is recommended the language of publication to be English, but publications in Bulgarian, Russian, German or French shall also be permitted. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures and the acceptance of manuscripts for publication depends strongly on the recommendations of an anonymous reviewers and the supervising editor. The publication of the articles does not necessarily mean that the editorial board agree with the points of view of their authors.