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International Science Conference


9 May - 10 May 2019

S L I V E N '2019


National Palas Hotel, Sliven

and opening of the SCIENCE DAYS of TU-SOFIA-2019


Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy – Sliven   Sliven
Conference Languages:
Bulgarian; Russian; English; German; French
Participants in the conference will be accommodated in National Palas Hotel – Sliven.
Prices per night with breakfast included: Double room – 40 Eu / per person; Single room – 30 Eu. For more information

If needed, accommodation can be in other hotels. Prices per night in other hotels:
hotel complex "Toma": double room - 20 Eu (limited amount)
"Military Hotel": single room - 12 Eu, double room - 15 Eu (limited amount)

The registration for accommodation will be accepted on the e-mails for different sections until 19.04.2019. Conference organizers do not guarantee accommodation without any registration for participation.

Conference Fee (in Euro):



1. Conference participation fee per paper

60 Eu

The fee includes: paper published in one of those mentioned in the invitation editions, welcome cocktail, coffee breaks
2. Conference participation fee without paper

30 Eu

The fee includes: welcome cocktail, coffee breaks

3. Publishing fee for every subsequent paper

40 Eu

Fee must be transferred to the following bank account:
IBAN BG06 BUIN 956 150 0005 7073
Allianz Bank Bulgaria, Branch Sliven
or can be paid on the day of registration.
Payment order must specifically state the names of the conference participant/s.

Requirements for Reports

Text of papers must be ready for print in accordance with all format requirements for a layout. A sample can be found on the webpage of the Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy –Sliven:

Papers are submitted upon registration: two hard copies and a copy on a CD.
Conference papers are to be published in:
Journal of Mechanics of Machines, ISSN 0861-9727
Journal of Machine Building and Machine Science, ISSN 1312-8612
Journal of Thermotechnics, ISSN 1314-2550,
Journal of Proceedings of the Bulgarian Union of Scientists, Branch Sliven, ISSN 1311-2864,
Journal of Proceedings of the Technical University – Sliven, ISSN 1312-3920.